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This is an Index of all the references cited in

Transactions of the British Bryological Society (Vols. 1-6; 1947 - 1971)

Journal of Bryology (Vols 7 -42; 1972 - 2020)

Field Bryology (Vols. 83 - 124; 2002 - 2020[2021])

These references have been selected from PDFs of the publications which have then been subjected to OCR (Optical Character Recognition). This latter process is less than perfect, especially where diacritic characters (for example letters with accents, é, ü, ŝ) are concerned. Very little effort has been made to correct such matters and the database is provided as is.

You will find many cases where references are replicated but often not exactly the same. No indication is made as to which, if any is/are correct.

I have produced this index for those needing an aide memoire to find that reference which one knows but is so elusive when trying to remember the exact details.

I, Philip Stanley, have been given permission to extract and copy these references from the Journal of Bryology, by Taylor & Francis, [] who act for the British Bryology Society in matters of Copyright of the Journal.


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