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This is an Index of all the references cited in papers from all volumes of the Transactions of the British Bryological Society, Journal of Bryology and Field Bryology. It contains some 89,000 records.

CHANGE OF FORMAT - This is for Excel for Windows but should work for Excel on a Mac:
May 2021: Until this new version, the AllRefs Index was a searchable PDF of a .rtf (rich text) file. However as the file has grown and grown and it has now become apparent that searching has become far too slow -- it amounted to some 3000 pages, 10pt Arial printing. To improve the searching speed I have changed to searching a Windows Excel file (extension .xlsx) with plain text for citations, that is text without bold or italic embellishments. This has greatly mproved the search speed. This has greatly improved the search speed.

DOWNLOAD AllRefs Index as an Excel file (extension .xlsx). It appears in Sheet 1 of the Index. The Index is set as "Read Only" so cannot be changed.

When the Excel file is downloaded it is in "Protected View" and to use it you must click on "Enable Editing".

Do not try to Save the Excel file when you have finished. If you want to do another search please use Control-Z.



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