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Conventions used in Cumulative Index of Publications 1896 - 2018

Version: 14.1
(04 Feb 2018)

The following conventions are used in the index

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Publication year:
Year in square brackets [Year] in a citation is the year in which the item was actually published. Thus an item cited and dated as (1987) [1988] showed 1987 on the title page and/or on the spine of the volume but is known from other information to have been published in 1988. For examples see dates for publication of the Journal of Bryology (column 1).

Journal names:
The majority of citations point to a page and journal volume. Journal names are abbreviated, e.g.
J for Journal of Bryology,
T for Transactions of the BBS, and
B for Bulletin of the BBS,
FB for Bulletin of the BBS - Field Bryology.

A full list of abbreviations of journals can be found HERE.

Author(s) given in square brackets [author(s)] means that although the author(s) name is not given, there is good evidence this is the correct name. Used for example in Reports of the BBS when the author's initials are given and these match with a Member's name.

In a multi-authored citation, second and subsequent authors are each given in a separate citation referring back to the full citation.

Smith, A.B., Jones, F.H. and Taylor, D.G., The first list of bryophytes found in Bristol, J-01, 123 (1969)

would also be cited as:

Jones, F.H. see Smith, A.B., J-01, 123 (1999)
Taylor, D.G. see Smith, A.B., J-01, 123 (1999).

Page and volume numbers:
Page and volume numbers less than 100 are preceded by one or two zeros, e.g. pages 002, 054. This is to facilitate software sorting by page and volume numbers.

Square brackets:
Other than being used in authors' names (see above), square brackets have sometimes been used to provide supporting information.

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