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May 2021: Until this new version, the Cumulative Index was a searchable PDF of a .rtf (rich text) file. However as the file has grown and grown over 34 years, and it has now become apparent that searching has become far too slow. The index amounted to some 1600 pages, 10pt Arial printing. To improve the searching speed I have changed to searching a Windows Excel file (extension .xlsx) with plain text for citations, that is text without bold or italic embellishments. This has greatly improved the search speed.


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Other information about the Society, both M.E.C. and BBS, and its publications:

MEC Officers: Secretaries and Distribut[e]ors, 1896 - 1922
MEC. Reports & Section II: Volumes, dates and pagination, 1896 - 1922
BBS Officers: Presidents and Secretaries, 1923 - 2021
BBS Reports: Volumes, dates and pagination, 1923 - 1945
BBS Transactions: Volumes, dates and pagination, 1947 - 1971
BBS Journal of Bryology: Volumes, dates and pagination, 1972 - 2021 (> Vol 43-1)
BBS Bulletin and Field Bryology: Volumes, dates, pagination 1963 - 2020
M.E.C. and BBS Census Catalogues: Dates, authors, publication details 1905 - 2009
Atlases: Dates, authors, publication details 1978 - 2014
Other BBS publications: 1877 - 2012

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